Balayage: A Must-Have Hair Trend

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Balayage: A Must-Have Hair Trend

You’ve probably at least heard of “balayage”. You may have even already had your stylist give your coif a balayage treatment, but if you haven’t, you are about to learn all about the hottest hair trend as of late. I mean, everyone is getting it done. Everyone is talking about it, asking for it and saving photos to show their stylist before their next visit. And so should you…

What is balayage?

It’s a technique that involves hand painting the hair (no foils involved) for a natural, sun-kissed look that will grow out in a subtle, less noticeable manner. (This means fewer visits to the salon; sorry hairdressers!) It’s not a whole-head, bleached look, and an expert balayage colorist can tailor the technique to work perfectly with your skin tone.

How is it different than traditional techniques?

I once heard a stylist of mine say that they don’t teach balayage in hair school, or at least they didn’t teach her. Rather, it’s a learned art of hair stylists that is practiced and practiced and hopefully, eventually perfected. Word to the wise — once you find a great balayage colorist, never let them go…

Why is it so popular?

It requires very little maintenance. It grows out, but you can’t tell it’s growing out. In some cases, it gets even prettier over time! It looks great on all types of hair, and looks especially pretty when it’s curled.

Go get it done now!

It’s the perfect low maintenance color style for your hair for the summer. And who doesn't love a natural, sun-kissed look? An all new hair style, paired with beautiful, younger looking skin is the summer’s hottest beauty trend! Here are some swoon-worthy photos to show your stylist ASAP!




Written By: Kristen Creed

Edited By: Kristen Creed