Prevent & Reduce Wrinkles in 4 Simple Steps

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Prevent & Reduce Wrinkles in 4 Simple Steps

Believe it or not, it doesn’t take magic potions and a cabinet full of promising cosmetics to treat and prevent wrinkles. It just takes a few daily steps to protect your skin and have it looking its best year after year. Aging is fun! Signs of aging? Not so much. Here’s our expert advice.

1.  Gently exfoliate and remove make up every single day

The skin needs to be exfoliated each day to remove dead skin cells, dirt, makeup and oil. Exfoliating helps promote proper cell turnover, which in turn can promote collagen and elastin production, the two compounds that make skin look plump, firm and younger looking.

While over exfoliating can irritate skin, it’s important to at least gently wash away the day’s makeup and oil each and every night. A physical exfoliator, one with teeny tiny beads or other scrubbing agents should be used sparingly until you know how your skin will react to it on a more frequent basis.

We suggest interchangeably using our Exfoliating AHA Cleansing Lotion, a cleanser that is soap free and uses lactic acid, rather than physical exfoliators to wash away dirt, makeup and excess oils.

Exfoliation prevents dull skin, clogged pores and skin discoloration. Not only that, but exfoliation removes the old, dead skin cells and other impurities and allow products that follow to penetrate the skin deeply and improves absorption and overall effectiveness. If you’re using serums and moisturizers that also treat signs of aging, this is a win-win situation for your skin.


2.  Wear sun protection

Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is one of the best anti-aging tips out there. Our skin absorbs sun’s rays even when we aren’t spending time directly in the sun, making it important that we apply each and every day, with makeup or without. Wearing sunscreen helps prevent skin cancer, but now, studies have shown that daily use of SPF significantly prevents signs of aging. So there you have it — there’s no good reason to leave the house with sun protection on your face.

3.  Use antioxidants, especially Vitamin C

Find a specialty anti-aging product that you and your skin love. Think: vitamin C or peptide serums — concentrated formulas that deliver potent anti-aging ingredients that are quickly absorbed by the skin. Vitamin C serums brighten and even your skin tone, while protecting it from free radicals that cause skin to weaken, wrinkle and sag. Vitamin C plus sunscreen is a recipe for amazing, younger looking, wrinkle-free skin.

4.  Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

Yes, your skin will benefit from drinking lots of water every day, but no, we aren’t talking about that type of hydration. I’m talking about your moisturizer. Moisturizing is the last, yet certainly not the least, important key in fighting wrinkles. Hydrated skin is more plump and supple, while dry, dehydrated skin is flaky, and more prone to wrinkles. It’s important to choose a moisturizer with vitamins and nutrients that will provide the proper hydration. eb5’s 5-in-1 Facial Cream not only contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin B5, but also comfrey root and oat kernel, which provides additional soothing and moisturizing properties.


Written By: Bill DAlessandro

Edited By: Bill DAlessandro