eb5 Men's Facial Cream - I Wish I Had Known About It Sooner

Hey ya’ll,

It’s Colby from eb5 (I’m usually behind a computer screen, but I wanted to tell you a story). First of all, let me make a confession: I had never used a facial product in my entire life. Ever.

I grew up on a small farm in North Carolina. For me, mud masks were something that occurred when you fell face-first chasing a loose goat and the best cleanser was considered a dip in the pasture’s pond. I never thought that a skincare routine would be in my future, however, here I am... someone that looks forward to putting on his eb5 men’s facial cream every night.

You thought I was kidding about the goat thing. This is me and Heidi, Circa 1994.

When I started working for eb5 I heard the stories about how amazing this product was... how it kept people looking younger, diminished wrinkles and did wonders for the skin. After talking with thousands of customers, I decided to give it a try.

If it’s good enough for some people to use for 40+ years, then it has to work. Right?
After using eb5’s men’s facial cream I honestly regret not knowing about this years ago. While my hair is turning grey (at least I’m not losing it yet, right?) my skin is the best it ever has in my life. My wife is constantly complimenting the new-found softness of my skin and how those stress wrinkles from before have started to disappear.
If you have a man in your life, trust me...he’s going to love this.

The only regret I have... now I can't get her to stop touching my face!

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