eb5 Rewards Program

Welcome to an all new referral and rewards program at eb5. By purchasing, interacting with our website and social media, or simply having a birthday, you can earn points redeemable for fantastic rewards like discounts and free products. Sounds exciting, right?

Please note, no past orders can contribute to your points balance. Only orders and actions going forward, starting from 04/19/2019 will apply toward your points balance.

Take a look at how to earn points, how to refer friends and most importantly, how to redeem your points for eb5 discounts and free skincare.


How to Sign up


Signing up is the easiest part of our new program! All you have to do is click the Rewards Button that appears in the bottom right hand corner of your browser. From there, you can sign up with your email address to start earning points right away!
After signing up, you will be able to click that Rewards button to open your dashboard.


Here is your dashboard! 

This is where you can see your current point total, your referral link, and your redeemable rewards! 
To redeem a reward, simply click the redeem button next to the reward of choice. Your chosen discount or free product will now show up under "My Rewards" at the bottom of the page! 


Earning Points

There are several ways to earn points with eb5! You can interact with our brand on social media, make a purchase, or even just grow a year older. Each of these actions have their own point reward — as seen on the chart below. For each action that you see on the left, you will receive the point total on the right. 
Example: A new order on eb5.com for $75 will result in a reward of 375 points.

Earning eb5 Rewards

Spending Points

Spending points is as easy as earning them! Once you rack up some points in your account, you can redeem them in a variety of ways — from discounts on your next order or even a free product! 
Below, each reward is matched with the number of points required to redeem it.

Spending eb5 Rewards Points

eb5 Referral Program!

We know you love eb5, and we want your friends and family to get in on the fun! Sharing eb5 with your loved ones not only gets them a discount, but gives you a reward as well!
When you share your personal link with a friend, they will receive 15% off their first eb5 purchase. After they place an order, you will receive a $5 reward redeemable on your next purchase on eb5.com!

How to Refer a Friend

Below your dashboard on the rewards pop up (click the rewards button in the bottom right), you will find your personal link for the eb5 referral program. This link will give your friends a 15% off discount on their first purchase on eb5.com! All they have to do is click the link and shop like normal.
You can also share the link on social media! Sharing your personal URL on Facebook is a great way to spread the word about eb5 — and get rewards fast!
You will see how many referrals you have in this section as well. When you successfully refer someone and they make a purchase, you will receive a $5 reward under "My Rewards."

eb5 Referral Rewards